Men's Ranch

The men’s ranch in Greeneville, Tennessee, is a relatively short distance from the majestic Smoky Mountains. The Phase 1 of the ministry requires a minimum two-month commitment. Here the men are involved in a daily regiment consisting of morning devotions, daily chores, outdoor keep of the ranch, evening Bible study, and nightly personal devotion time.

During these two months, the men can expect a lot of hard work. It is here that the men of the ranch partake in the outdoor keep of the ranch, do pickups for thrift stores, keep the roads clean, and help people in the community. Structure of their time takes place. In addition, men can expect a lot of personal time with Jesus Christ. The only written material that is allowed in Phase 1 is the Bible. There is a time every night when men can get into His word. There are daily Bible studies brought by men from local churches or Pastor of the ministry. These teachers provide the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister and draw the men into repentance and surrender.

Phase 2 is a little different. It requires an additional six-month commitment. The Phase 2 aspect of this ministry requires the enrollee to search and obtain a job in the community, and provide compensation for living at the ranch. During this time, men move into a Phase 2 home. With this, they acquire more freedom, but also more responsibility, as well. Accountability is very important, and although a man will be out in the world holding a job, he will be required to attend all Bible studies and church services. This provides a wonderful opportunity to adjust to being a productive member of society, a disciple of Christ, and a strong leader in all aspects of life.